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  • Chinese Dictionary (Windows Mobile) 1.2

    A 23,000 word chinese-English dictionary for Window mobile / Pocket PC. View pronunciations in PinYin (English script). Declan's chinese dictionary for Windows mobile and Pocket PC uses the CEDICT
  • Hunter Dictionary 1.1

    Hunter chinese dictionary functions as an English-to-chinese online dictionary. However Hunter chinese dictionary contains no dictionary database itself. Instead, it is a specialized Internet Browser, user can use it to
  • Chinese Language To English Language Dictionary 1.0.4326.31805

    chinese to English dictionary, chinese To English dictionary is a word dictionary based on CC-CEDICT.chinese Language To English Language dictionary is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable users to study
  • Pablo 2.1a

    A free chinese-English dictionary for Windows. Probably the best for beginners. A featured-packed English-chinese dictionary. Includes handwriting recognition, many nifty navigation features and a collection of over
  • HNHSoft English-Chinese Talking Dictiona 3.0.2

    Learn chinese today and speak with confidence! HNHSoft English-chinese dictionary is a great dictionary for chinese language students. It contains over 140,000+ entries, Pinyin (the official chinese Phonetic system),
  • Chinese - English - Chinese Dictionary 4.0

    The package consist of: Edictionary Reader for Pocket PC English to chinese with 57.162 entries chinese to English with 33.705 entries With preminum functions of a professional dictionary such as high encryption
  • HanYu Dictionary 0.2

    HanYu dictionary is a small, simple and easy to use 2 ways chinese-English dictionary. It also supports pinyin and tradition chinese Character search. It uses CEDict as a dictionary definition and free of charge under
  • HanYu Dictionary for Linux 0.2

    HanYu dictionary for Linux is a small, simple and easy to use 2 ways chinese-English dictionary. It also supports pinyin and tradition chinese Character search. It uses CEDict as a dictionary definition and free of
  • I Need China 1

    J2ME mobile phone English to chinese Picture dictionary for travellers and tourists. When you are in China, Macao, Hong Kong, and people cannot understand what you need at this moment, you can try to explain them your
  • CJEDictionary 1.0

    CJEdictionary (chinese-Japanese-English dictionary) is a free software dictionary for the .NET platform. It provides the ability to search through 4 databases for Simplified chinese, Traditional chinese, and/or Japanese
  • NJStar Chinese WP 5.23

    NJStar chinese Word Processor reads, writes, print and edits chinese text on normal English as well as on western Windows not requiring any chinese system. It supports both traditional and simplified chinese. for
  • ChinaScribe MS Word Template (Beta) 1.28

    ChinaScribe is a chinese dictionary program that can be used to create professional-looking chinese documents using Microsoft Word or more than 190,000 chinese words.Import words from CC-CEDICT,
  • English-German Dictionary for Pocket PC 6.0

    dictionary features: Based on the mobile industry standard BEIKS dictionary program BDicty dictionary covering all major mobile platforms (Palm OS??, Windows mobile?? / Pocket PC??, Linux / Sharp Zaurus??)
  • Hunter Dictionary II 1.1

    Hunter dictionary II is a free multifunction online dictionary for translating English word to chinese, English or Japanese. It is also an specialized dictionary for thesaurus and computing terms. Hunter dictionary II
  • KanjiBrowze 2006

    Convenient graphical user interface for Japanese and chinese dictionaries. It allows seamless browsing of kanji information and lookup kanji combinations, prints query results as lists or as flashcards. Version 2.1 now
  • HanWJ Chinese Smart Editor 4.53

    Learn,edit,speak,teach chinese. Edit formatted text (RTF-based, Word-compatible). Add toned-PinYin on top of Zi. chinese/English text-to-speech. Speak-when-typing, save and play. chinese-to-English dictionary. Display of
  • Pingguo Dictionary

    Pingguo dictionary is an useful chinese-English dictionary for you. Made for use with OS X???s dictionary program, Pingguo leverages the public domain chinese-English dictionary files of
  • MonkeyKing Chinese 1.5

    MonkeyKing chinese is for people who are serious about learning chinese language. It's a simple, efficient, and comprehensive tool and designed for the beginners and senior learners to learn chinese language and culture.
  • Declans Chinese Dictionary 1.0

    Declan's chinese dictionary uses the 20,000 word CEDICT chinese-English dictionary database. Both the GB (Simplified) and Big5 (Traditional) versions of the databases can be used. Declan's chinese dictionary allows
  • Perapera-kun: Chinese Popup Translator 2.1.1

    Visit for complete description and latest news and feedback. Here are the new feature added due to user request: * Wordlist SideBar: Press ???S??? while displaying an entry to save it to
  • LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Chinese Traditio 2.7.15

    This LingvoSoft dictionary English <-> chinese Traditional for Pocket PC with 400.000 words, built to operate on mobile devices running the Pocket PC platform, is a full-featured dictionary that is always ready to
  • Chinese to English Dictionary 4.21

    Learn, read, and convert chinese language to English language. chinese-to-English dictionary. Speak-when-typing, save and play. chinese/English text-to-speech. chinese text recovery. Learn, edit, speak, teach chinese.
  • Words-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary 1.6

    This Firefox Addon is an excellent double-click popup chinese dictionary that provide you chinese-English definitions, chinese pinyin & Google translations. It translate the selected text Word By Word, convert selected
  • Chinese Flashcard Studio 1.22

    It provides a graphical interface for users to manage and study chinese vocabulary. Key features of chinese FlashCard Studio Built-in chinese to English dictionary Animated stroke orders chinese text reader lets you
  • BEIKS English Irregular Verbs in Spanish 6.0

    This is a free simple reference program with Spanish translations of most frequently used 91 English Irregular Verbs. BEIKS dictionary Reader features: BEIKS dictionary Reader Pro Specialized for reference content
  • Declan`s Chinese Dictionary 1.0

    Declan's chinese dictionary is the dictionary having more than 20,000 words. Database is updated and you can use simplified as well as traditional versions. It is chinese to English dictionary. Searching for words is
  • AW English-Chinese Dictionary 2

    Comprehensive English-chinese (Big5) dictionary. Over 154603 entries with pronunciation transcriptions of English words. Features include: extremely fast dictionary browsing; resident mode: word lookup from any
  • Bouviers law dictionary for Palm OS 6.0

    The Bouvier's law dictionary for mobile devices by BEIKS is based on the sixth edition (1856) of John Bouvier's law dictionary. This is a classic reference material for students and legal professionals, but can also
  • ChinaScribe 1.01

    ChinaScribe is a chinese dictionary program that can be used to create professional-looking chinese documents using Microsoft Word or Main Features More than 170,000 chinese words Import words from
  • Pocket Dictionary 2.4

    freeware PocketPC dictionary which runs on Windows mobile 2003, Windows mobile 5, Windows mobile 6 compatible PDA's. It contains 18 dictionaries with more than 2Mil words. The dictionary is very fast and need only 1MB